Thresher Shark research and Conservation Project

Short Description

The Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Project (TSRCP) is a community-based not-for-profit organisation whose remit is to promote and disseminate shark research, education and conservation to a broad local, regional and international outreach. Working from Malapascua Island to protect marine biodiversity since 2005, its programmes include science and capacity building, marine and community conservation, and socioeconomics. Data accrued by the Project has informed policy to protect elasmobranchs on an international, national, and regional basis since its inception. TSRCP regularly hosts BSc and MSc students who join its expeditions to assimilate data for their thesis projects. These have enabled the Project to encompass the relevance and impact of conservation on local communities, and foster international collaborations. The Project works closely with the Bantay Dagat (volunteer maritime police) and is respected across national marine interest groups in the Philippines (policy makers, stakeholders, NGOs, scientists, conservation advocates).

Summary Role