Short Description

Sciaena – Marine Sciences and Cooperation Association is a Portuguese Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (ENGO) that was created in 2006 by University of Algarve Marine Biology and Fisheries students who envisioned a healthy marine environment and an informed population engaged in its conservation. Its mission is to promote the improvement of the marine environment by encouraging the sustainability of fisheries and other forms of use and minimizing the impacts of pollution through knowledge, education, communication and political intervention. A strong belief of Sciaena is that efficient and sound conservation actions can be achieved by involving people from every horizons, beyond the scientific and academic world. This goes along with spreading messages from marine scientists in a way to reach the largest number of people. Scientific communication and research give meaning to each other, especially when it comes to conservation of marine environment. From the very beginning, outreach and communication have had a very important weight in Sciaena’s work, as one of the main drivers for creating the organization was the need to bridge the gap between science and society.

Summary Role

Sciaena will offer internships.