CIMA Research foundation

Short Description

CIMA Research Foundation is a joint research, innovation and higher education institution recognized by the article 12 of 
Liguria’s Region regional law of 27 December 2011, no. 38. CIMA is committed to promote the study, scientific  research, 
technological development and higher education in engineering and environmental sciences in order to improve civil 
protection, public health and the preservation of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The observation  of ecosystem 
dynamics and especially the monitoring of cetacean  as bio-indicators, are essential research areas for CIMA for finding 
effective tools for the conservation and management of the marine ecosystem. Particularly, CIMA activities dedicated to 
the monitoring of the pelagic ecosystem are aimed to: 
i) increase the present knowledge about the ecological role of the Pelagos ASPIM. 
ii) study the impact of oceanographic processes on marine ecosystem dynamics, using in situ and satellite data as well as 
numerical models; 
iii) describe the baseline conditions (e.g. abundance and population structure) which are essential for an effective 
evaluation of the conservation status of top predators inhabiting Pelagos; 

Summary Role