Maître de Conférences Hervé Rybarczyk


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1989 &agrave; 1992 Programme National sur le D&eacute;terminisme du Recrutement (PNDR CNRS IFREMER), data mining and and growth modelling of Cerastoderma edule on the french littoral (atlantic and Channel).<br /> 1989 DEA Oceanologie biologique UPMC<br /> 1992 &agrave; 1995 European project Mast Jeep &laquo; 92 &raquo; and &laquo; copper in Macoma &raquo; (bivalve Macoma balthica)<br /> 1993 (Phd) Th&egrave;se de doctorat en Oc&eacute;anologie biologique UPMC (Tr&egrave;s honorable avec F&eacute;licitations du Jury) <br /> 1995 Recrutement MA&icirc;tre de Conf&eacute;rences au Laboratoire d&rsquo;hydrobiologie (Pr B. Elkaim)<br /> 1996 Programme Seine Aval (approche &eacute;cophysiologique, bilan &eacute;nerg&eacute;tique et contamination)<br /> 2003 Research Unit &rsquo;UMR 5138 &laquo; BOME &raquo; (MNHN, CNRS, UPMC)<br /> 2003 2005 Coordinator l&rsquo;Axe I du programme PNEC Baie du Mont St Michel <br /> Since 2008 UMR 5138 devient 7208 &laquo; BOREA &raquo; (MNHN, CNRS, UPMC, IRD)<br /> Participation &agrave; L&rsquo;ANR &laquo; Carbama &raquo; (bilan et flux d&rsquo;azote de l&rsquo;Amazone)<br /> 2004 &agrave; 2008 : PEDR<br /> Actuellement MCF 7&eacute;me &eacute;chelon<br /> Co-manager of Master SDUEE (Sciences De l'Univers, Ecologie , environnement<br /> &nbsp;

List of Courses

EMBC+ MODULE 3: Conservation and Restoration of Marine Biodiversity
Impact of human-induced changes on coastal ecosystems functioning 6