Prof. Dr. Yaisel Juan Borrell Pichs


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 Im a young Professor of the University of Oviedo enrolled in the area of Genetics of the Dptment of Functional Biology (PhD since 2002). My research interests are the study of the genetics, evolution, conservation, population biology, systematics and aquaculture of marine organisms. I also have a great interest into research about heterozygosity-fitness correlations (the heterosis basis) in wild populations. My scientific production includes 17 papers in JCR journals and others 12 contributions to ISBN, ISSN and electronic publications and also more than 50 congress presentations around the world. I have taken part in 12 competitive projects (EU, MEC, IFS) in Cuba and in Spain. My teaching experience is based on more than 800 hours of pregraduated and postgraduate courses in Grade, Master and Doctorate courses and as advisor (Tutor) for several Grade thesis works. I Have received more than 200 hours of courses offered by the Education Science Institute (UO, Spain)

List of Courses

EMBC+ MODULE 1: Understanding the structure and function of Marine Biodiversity
Aquaculture 3
Genetic Biodiversity 3