Short Description

Sharklab-Malta is a registered non-profit voluntary organisation dedicated to the better understanding and conservation of all Elasmobranch within the Maltese territorial waters and the Mediterranean Sea. Through Research, Raising awareness and Making a difference the aims are to gather data which can be used to implement better management, better understanding and better protection for all species. Research includes landings data collection from the main wholesale fish market, dive and snorkel based studies to observe species and observe habitat preference. Through collection of data and study of species at the fish market, Sharklab has had the opportunity to engage in a program of oviparous species recovery and release, where eggs from 2 species of sharks and species of skates have been taken from the market and supported through full development and finally released back into the sea. This research started in 2011 and we have so far released 17 sharks back in the sea with many more at varying stages of development.
As well as the research aspect Sharklab is dedicated to educating the public through presentations and talks as well as more generalised awareness activities, to dispel the myths portrayed by the media and engage in positive and productive dialogue with people about sharks, skates and rays and the problems that they face on a local and global level.
Sharklab also works with other local NGO’s, The University of Malta and many other organisations within Malta and Europe to promote a better understanding of Elasmobranch through joint research, sharing of information and is pursuing better legislation thorough research based facts.

Summary Role