Estacion para Educacion, Conservacion e Investigacion del Ambiente Quelonios del Caribe

Short Description

 We are a nonprofit organisation, concerned with maintaining and inherit a healthy planet. The general purposes or our group are:

  1. To study, disseminate and improve the state of natural resources and the environment seeking to improve the quality of life of human beings.
  2. To promote education on the need to improve the social and environmental realities of Carribean Costa Rica.
  3. To promote respect for animals and the protection of environmental values.
  4. To promote intercommunication and coordination bodies working to improve the social and environmental reality of Costa Rica.

Vision Quelonios del Caribe Station is projected as a prestigious national conservation organisation with international allies. Competitive Educational Model for its conservation with research and development projects with proactieve, froward-looking, flexibel and innovative.

Mission: To manage and contribute to the conservation, research and education in the Carribean coast of Costa Rica, developing initiatives to preserve natural resources from the effective involvement and support of volunteering.

Summary Role