University of Salford

Short Description

The School of Environment & Life Sciences is a vibrant and international department, composed by two main research centres. The Ecosystems and Environment Research Centre hosts 30 academics and 30 doctoral students plus postdoctoral fellows and visiting researchers. A group of researchers has formed the BiCoME, Biodiversity, Conservation, Management & Evolution Group (, with the goal to investigate the processes that generate biodiversity, employing a variety of tools (including molecular genetics and genomics, behavioural analyses, biometry, and ecological and interdisciplinary approaches) to help preserve endangered species and to manage sustainably exploited biotas. A few members (including Dr Benvenuto) are working with marine organisms. Dr Benvenuto’s research groups is based in a Behaviour and Ecology lab, equipped with aquatic tanks, pumps, reverse osmosis and de-ionisation units to raise aquatic organisms and an image analysis station composed of a dissecting microscope (with digital camera) connected to a computer to perform morphological measurements and morphometric analyses. A separate lab is fully equipped for automated histological analyses. There are facilities to perform molecular analyses and to assess the concentration of heavy metals in water, sediment and animal tissues (using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry; ICP-OES). International collaborations and contacts (with Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Croatia, India, Qatar and USA) are in place.

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