Namibian Dolphin Project/Sea Search Institute

Short Description

 Sea Search was founded in 2014 by Dr Simon Elwen and Dr Tess Gridley. We are based in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa. Sea Search is principally a scientific organisation that aims to conduct high quality, internationally recognised research, which can feed back into education and policy recommendations. We work throughout the southern Africa sub-region, with a focus on South Africa and Namibia. The Sea Search group is a collective of scientists and students with a strong academic background in the area of marine mammal science. Most of our members are affiliated with the University of Pretoria’s Mammal Research Institute or other universities in South Africa. Several of our team members run additional projects both within Africa and further afield.
One of the key projects run in association with Sea Search is the Namibian Dolphin Project. The Namibian Dolphin Project is a non-profit, research and conservation organization run in association with the University of Pretoria’s Mammal Research Institute and the Namibia Nature Foundation. Our mission is to research Namibia’s cetaceans to generate data on these populations that can be used for their conservation through sustainable management. The Namibian Dolphin Project works with the community and policy makers including Namibian NGOs, the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) and the marine tourism industry, to increase awareness and knowledge of Namibia’s cetacean life. Since 2008, the NDP has generated considerable new information on the abundance, ecological relationships and conservation status of whales and dolphins in Namibia's waters and provided many training opportunities for local and international learners.

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