University of the Azores

Short Description

The Northeast Atlantic, and in particular the Azores Region, is an area of international interest for oceanographic, fisheries and biodiversity studies. The team members at University of the Azores have been involved with developing different activities within these fields, in a multidisciplinary effort to conjugate this knowledge into a better understanding of the dynamics of this region, and its biological, physical, chemical and geological relation with other oceanic regions of the world.
Observing capabilities at the University of the Azores are, in general, good. In fact, research vessels, biological, chemical and oceanographic equipment, and local environmental data (hydrological, biological and fisheries data) can be easily obtained to validate and incorporate in models.
The conservation of marine life and the sustainable use of the Atlantic Ocean in the region of the Azores are the ultimate goals of the marine scientists that work at the University of the Azores. This view is shared with the younger generations of marine science students and research associates that come to study and work at the University.

Summary Role

 The University of the Azores will collaboration on the organisation and coordination of MSc thesis and interships.