Università del Salento

Short Description

The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies of the University of Salento supports all kinds of biological research, from molecules to ecosystems. The Department has a very strong tradition in Aquatic ecology with special focuses on Marine and Transitional waters. It is part of the National Interuniversity Consortium of Marine Sciences, and participates to many national and international projects. Research fields span from biodiversity exploration, with strong taxonomic expertise on various groups, from Hydrozoa to Polychaeta and Copepods, to biogeographic, ecological, and evolutionary studies on marine and transitional waters biota. The Department has two museums (The Marine Biology Museum of Porto Cesareo and the Museum of the Environment) and an Observatory on Mediterranean Ecosystems at Otranto (Faro Palascia). The Department is located at 10 km from the Adriatic Sea and 20 km from the Ionian Sea. In the surroundings there is easy access to transitional waters, saltmarshes, mud flats, sandy bottoms, rocky cliffs, marine caves, coralligenous formations, seagrass meadows.

Summary Role

 The Department will provide teaching for the visiting students, laboratory space for their experimental work, access to shores and marine habitats. The students will thus be involved in both theoretical and practical work, also in relation to the preparation of their theses.