Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna

Short Description

UNIBO is one of the main institutions of higher education across Europe with > 90.000 students, 23 faculties, 69 departments, 3200 academics and 3000 administrative staff located in a Multicampus structure. UNIBO is the most internationalised of all the Italian universities, and is currently running 12 EM programmes (8 EMMC and 4 EMJD) and 25 EM Action 2 projects.
Research and teaching in marine biology are promoted and co-ordinated by research groups based in Ravenna or Bologna. Experience ranges from marine ecology, marine botany, marine zoology, marine biochemistry and physiology, marine geology and geochemistry, physical oceanography and modelling, and marine chemistry. UNIBO participates to several international networks (MARBEF+, ENCORA, NaGISA, ERA-MORE), and participates and/or coordinates the EMJD MACOMA and MARES, the EEMC WACOMA and several EU projects (Mermaid, Theseus, Meece, Sesame, Aquagem, CoralWarm, FishPopTrace, Fish&Chips, Amis, MarUrbe)

Summary Role

 UNIBO will offer training courses in Marine Environmental Law, Applied Marine Botany, and Animal Adaptation to the Marine Environment. It will also offer numerous opportunities for student internships and Thesis on topics related to field experimental ecology, molecular marine ecology, fishery genetics, conservation genetics, marine population dispersal and connectivity, and sustainable design of marine infrastructures (including marine off-shore platforms and coastal defences).