Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Short Description

IOCAS was established on August, 1950, and it is the oldest, largest and one of the most advanced multidisciplinary research and development institutes in marine science in China. IOCAS is also a key center for graduate education and training in marine science in China. It offers Ph.D. degree in 9 research areas and M.S. degree in 11 research areas. It also provides post-doctoral research opportunities in marine science. IOCAS currently has 600 employees, among which are 400 research staff, including 200 senior scientists. Since its establishment, IOCAS has focused its research of the nation’s needs and frontiers in oceans science in the world. Basic research and technology development on Environment-friendly, high quality and efficiency, and sustainable marine aquaculture; the dynamic and processes of marine environment and marine ecosystem; ocean circulation, wave dynamics and processes in marginal seas; and geological evolution of continental margins and its impact to the environment and natural resources have always been the major research areas.

Summary Role

 As the oldest, largest and most advanced multidisciplinary institute in marine sciences in China, the IOCAS will offer all the facilities and laboratory for the training of the students, such as the largest marine species museum of China and the aquarium of the institute, the research vessels etc. The IOCAS also has its own supervisors for teaching the postgraduate students, there are 500 postgraduate students studying in the institute every year, more than half of them are Ph.D students.