The prize Carlo Heip

The "Prize Carlo Heip" is dedicated to the most deserving student of the International Master of Science in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC+).

Prof. Heip was the founder of the Marine Biology Research Group of the Faculty of Sciences in Ghent University and was considered as one of the leading experts in Europe on Marine Biodiversity. Until October 2012 he was a teacher in the course ‘Biogeochemical Cycles’ at Ghent University. Prof. Heip died on 15 February 2013 at the age of 67. The ‘prize Carlo Heip’ aims to encourage students to join this real European Master programme.

The prize Carlo Heip was previously awarded to:

  • Buga Berkovic from Croatia (2010)
  • Gregory Neils Puncher from Canada (2011)
  • Eva Werbrouck from Belgium (2012)
  • Carlos Miguel Gil Fernandez from Spain (2013)
  • Fanny Vessaz from Switzerland (2014)
  • Mirta Zupan from Slovenia (2015)
  • Katja Geiger from Germany (2016)


EMBC+ best thesis award

The “EMBC+ best thesis award” is given to the student who obtains the best overall thesis score. The thesis work counts in the total curriculum of the student for one fourth of the overall score and is as such a very important item of the programme. An EMBC+ thesis is generally delivered in the format of a manuscript, for submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Therefor the number of pages is not important but much more the quality and conciseness of the work. Each thesis is evaluated by a jury of three international independent members. Each student receives from each of their jury members a written feedback a few days before the presentation. In this way students can anticipate on the comments.

The EMBC+ best thesis award was previously awarded to:

  • Mareike Volkenandt from Germany for her thesis entitled “Influence of environmental factors on artisanal Octopus vulgaris landings in Asturian waters (N Spain)” (2010)
  • Bart De Smet from Belgium for his thesis entitled “Intertidal Lanice conchilega reefs as feeding grounds for wading birds in the bay of the Mont Saint-Michel (France)” (2011)
  • Giada Maugeri from Italy for her thesis entitled “Visual and acoustic detection of cuvier's beaked whale (Ziphius cavirostris) in the Ligurian Sea” (2012)
  • Marie-Claude Côté-Laurin from Canada for her thesis entitled “The short-term impacts of a cyclone on seagrass communities in Southwest Madagascar” (2013)
  • Henriette Grimmel from Germany for her thesis entitled “Assessment of Faunal Communities and Ecosystem Interactions in a Sub-Tropical Lagoon using Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations in Bimini, Bahamas” (2014)
  • Mareike Babuder from Germany for her thesis entitled “Niche divergence in giant kelp forests (Macrocystis pirifera)” (2015)
  • Néstor Echedey Bosch Guerra from Spain for his thesis entitled "Marinas as habitats for fish: A methodological approach using a combination of sampling techniques and diversity metrics" (2016)


Best thesis presentation prize

The “Best thesis presentation prize” is awarded to the student who is giving the best thesis presentation during the thesis defense. The prize is awarded by all attendants of the thesis defense.  Students, teachers and other attendants will be able to give a score on 10 for each thesis presentation followed. Scores are handed in after each session. The final score is calculated taking into account the number of listeners per session.

With this prize the EMBC+ management board aims to encourage the defending students to present their thesis work using the highest possible standards. The prize encourages also interaction between the defending student and the audience.

The “Best thesis presentation prize” was previously awarded to:

  • Sofie Vanmaele from Belgium (2010)
  • Sven Le Moine Bauer from France (2011)
  • Ines Gomez from Portugal (2012)
  • Marie-Claude Côté-Laurin from Canada (2013)
  • Siel Wellens from Belgium (2014)
  • Miguel Angel Gonzalez Porras from Spain (2015)
  • Inma Ferrer Mateu from Spain (2016)