Response of the pelagos to environmental changes

EMBC+ MODULE 1: Understanding the structure and function of Marine Biodiversity

• Pelagic Ecology
• Ecophysiology of plankton
• Experimental knowledge (conceiving, conduction and analyzing results from experiments on zooplankton)
• Planktonic response to environmental pressure, biological pump, feedbacks

1) Pelagos 2) Disturbances 3) Ecophysiology 4) Experimental approach 5) Bioindicators

-Marine ecology concepts
-Response of the ocean to human-induced changes
-Effect of climate change on physic and chemistry of oceans
-basic knowledge about zooplankton identification


-Ability to understand how an environmental change is changing pelagic animals response from individual scale (physiology, behavior) to global functioning of the ecosystem (diversity, carbon fluxes, communities)
-Ability to understand the different mechanisms responsible from this biological response to environmental change (physiology, diversity, grazing, competition…)
-Ability to conceive, defines the objectives, realize and analyze result from an experiment aiming to study the effect of different perturbation on zooplankton organisms.