Methods for the Exploitation of Data in Oceanography

EMBC+ MODULE 2: Toolbox for investigating marine Biodiversity

The data collected during IADO will be processed. This includes sorting plankton samples, processing images from in situ and laboratory-based imaging instruments, processing physical data from ship-deployed or autonomous instruments, etc. Operational knowledge of multivariate data analysis and geo-statistics will be acquired through lectures and immediately practiced on datasets similar to the one collected during the cruise. For these applications, a programming language (R) will be taught and dedicated software will be presented. Personal projects will be carried out on the processed data, tackling one specific question within the scope of the cruise. 

1) Sample analysis 2) Data processing 3) Data mining 4) Personal project

Basic knowledge of statistics (inferential statistics, analysis of variance, regression).
Taxonomic knowledge of plankton would be a plus but a quick reminder will be provided.
Taste for numerical data processing is probably necessary.
This course has a pre-required : Instrumentation and Acquisition of Data in Oceanography - IADO which takes place just before in the academic schedule.  


• Exploitation of image analysis tools on plankton
• Ability to process large amounts of data
• Ability to handle high-frequency data
• Ability to choose an appropriate data analysis tools
• Ability to present a summary of results (of an oceanographic cruise) and a critical view