Instrumentation and Acquisition of Data in Oceanography - IADO

EMBC+ MODULE 2: Toolbox for investigating marine Biodiversity

Instruments, sensors but also databases and satellite products for the study of the ocean will be presented to the students. Based on this information and the usual constraints of an oceanographic cruise (ship time, weather forecast, budget, etc.) students will be asked to draft a cruise plan to answer specific questions about mesoscale processes. This plan will then be carried out on a research vessel. The course will be concluded by a first assessment of the quantity and quality of data collected. 

1) Methods in oceanography 2) Oceanographic instrumentation 3) Data acquisition 4) Work at sea

No particular skills are required beyond general knowledge of oceanography (currents, basic taxonomy), a good organizational skills and a strong willing to work at sea. 


• Ability to define the framework of an oceanographic study based on practical constraints: objects and scales to describe, ships and sensors available, feature of systems to be analyzed
• Ability to use a set of oceanographic sensors adapted to describe oceanographic objects
• Ability to exploit of pre-existing databases (cruise data, satellites, etc.)
• Ability to develop a cruise plan
• Ability to acquire data at sea
This course is a pre-required for Methods of Exploitation of Data in Oceanography - MEDO, which takes place just after in the academic schedule.