Diversity measurements and species distribution

EMBC+ MODULE 2: Toolbox for investigating marine Biodiversity

The course will be organised in three successive parts: (1) the different methods to measure marine biodiversity within species and between species, including functional diversity, at different spatial scales; the relationships between genetic diversity, species diversity and functional diversity will be described ;(2) the links between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning; (3) the assessment of the effects of major human threats on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning including specifically the climate change, fisheries and introduction of alien species. 

marine biodiversity, specific diversity, genetic diversity, functional diversity, ecosystem functioning, human threats

Basics in marine ecology, genetics and data analysis 


Students will acquire an up-to-date knowledge on the methods used to measure diversity at different spatial scales and at different level of life organization and on the links between marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. They will able to assess the effects of different human disturbances (climate change, overexploitation, introduction of alien species) on marine diversity and the health of marine ecosystems.