Marine Protected Areas

EMBC+ MODULE 3: Conservation and Restoration of Marine Biodiversity

1) present knowledge about marine ecosystem conservation and biodiversity management. This module focuses on the social-ecological aspects of marine protected areas globally. It tackles threats to marine conservation and current designs and lessons from marine protected area implementation. The module also looks into different strategies for marine protected areas management, control and relationship to end users. The main section of the course is related to theoretical and empirical emmbedings to study and implement marine protected areas form a multidisciplinary perspective. Each student will also review marine protected areas from different countries and critically examine the process using the theoretical background acquired during the lectures.students will have to provide a written report and present their analysis.

conservation, marine protected areas, human dimensions

general biology, general knowledge of conservation biology


Students should be able to understand the complexities in managing existing marine protected areas and to take decissions to the establishment of new areas. Students should have basic tools to consider social and ecological complexities in marine resource and biodiversity management.