Legal and Economic aspects of marine resources

EMBC+ MODULE 3: Conservation and Restoration of Marine Biodiversity

1) Ordination of marine space and resources. Relation between different normative levels. Legal framework for marine areas
2) Legal tools for protection of marine ecosystems: principles, prevention of pollution, management and conservation of living resources. International, national and European legislation
3) Environmmental economics. Externalities and the cost of pollution. Coase theorem and market failures; Piguvian taxes and other alternatives: real case studies
4) Economic environmental valuation
5) Natural reserves, protected areas and sustainable development: renewable and nonrenewable resources; the tragedy of the commons
6) Examples from fisheries management

Legal regulation, international regulation, national law, marine resources, conservation, bioeconomics, management, ecosystem services, value, environmental economy, sustainability, governance, externalities

Not prerequisites were allowed for students. It’s an introductory course on legal and economic management of natural resource for graduate students in other different disciplines Hability to search on the web could be of interest.


Capacity to develop legal regulations at international, national and regional level for marine resources exploitation and marine biodiversity conservation
Ability to understand the valorisation of marine resources
Ability for externalisation of considerations
Capacity for a multidisciplinary approach to marine resources and biodiversity.