Animal Behaviour: Recording and Analysis

EMBC+ MODULE 3: Conservation and Restoration of Marine Biodiversity

Case studies: applications of animal behaviour in marine biodiversity and conservation; Ethics of behavioural studies; Describing behaviour; Sampling and recording rules; Recording equipment; Behavioural software; Observing and recording animal behaviour in the field; Designing and conducting behavioural experiments; Reliability of behavioural data; Analysing observational and experimental data; Analysing social behaviour; Interpreting behavioural data and presenting results.

Applied animal behaviour; Social behaviour; Observational studies; Experimental studies; Measuring behaviour; Analysing behaviour; Interpreting behaviour

 B.Sc. level understanding of the biology of a variety of marine animals.


 The ability to design and carry out a robust behavioural study in the field and laboratory. The ability to analyse behavioural data using appropriate software and statistical techniques. The ability to interpret and clearly present the results of a behavioural study.