Acoustic Monitoring as a Marine Conservation Tool

EMBC+ MODULE 2: Toolbox for investigating marine Biodiversity

 The general structure of this course is designed to introduce the student to the concepts of underwater acoustics, how cetaceans produce sound and how we can record this data and interpret it in order to successfully manage and conserve species.
The objectives of this module are (1) to educate students on the topic of underwater acoustics and 2) learn how to carry out passive and static acoustic monitoring of cetaceans and 3) how to analyse and interpret such datasets for effective conservation management.

Cetaceans, Acoustics, Static Acoustic Monitoring, Passive Acoustic monitoring, hydrophone, C-PODs

 Basic knowledge of physics and biology is required


 The objectives of the course are to provide basic skills required to design acoustic surveys, to identify the equipment to suit the survey type, how to collect and record acoustic data and how to analyse and interpret such data.