Ecophysiology of marine plants

EMBC+ MODULE 1: Understanding the structure and function of Marine Biodiversity

Light and photosynthesis: Light properties, its behaviour in the water column, light capture by marine plants, photosynthetic responses to light. UV radiation: biological effects, ecological implications. Marine plant distribution in relation to light: chromatic adaptation, ontogenic adaptation.
CO2: Carbonate balance in the sea, CO2 uptake and effects of increasing CO2 on primary producers
Calcium carbonate: calcification, ecological implications, global change effects
Temperature: Effects of temperature in the metabolism, lethal, reproductive and growth limits, adaptations to extreme temperatures, temperature and geographical distribution, global warming effects.
Salinity: Biochemical and physiological effects of salinity; tolerance and acclimation, synergistic effects with other stressors.
Nutrients: Nutrients in the sea, nutrient uptake, estimation of uptake, nutrient metabolism and ecological significance.
Hydrodynamics: Basics of fluid dynamics, hydrodynamic control of nutrients uptake, processes at plant level, ecological implications.