International Marine Environmental Conservation

EMBC+ MODULE 3: Conservation and Restoration of Marine Biodiversity

Examples of courses that fall under this placeholder:
- International Marine Environmental Conservation
- Law of the Sea and international marine environmental law
- Ecology, Threats and Conservation of Coral Reefs
International Marine Environmental Conservation:
Overview about the objectives, organisational structures and work of different marine environmental conservation agencies (national, IGOs, NGOs); legal framework for marine environmental protection measures in territorial waters, in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and in high seas.

marine environmental conservation, ecosystem approach, precautionary approach, national agencies, intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), law of the sea, United Nations, International Whaling Commission, OSPAR, fisheries regulations and management, coral reef conservation

Knowledge about the major principles of marine environmental protection, potential role of marine protected areas, legal framework for marine environmental protection, objectives of important NGOs and IGOs.