Fundamentals of Marine Biology and Ecology

EMBC+ MODULE 1: Understanding the structure and function of Marine Biodiversity

This course fills a six weeks block and consists of the following three components:
- Principles of Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography
- Principles of Marine Ecophysiology
- Data Analysis
Physiology and ecology of important taxa of marine organisms; reproductive biology, influence of abiotic factors on biological processes; physiological and biochemical adaptive mechanisms of organisms to abiotic factors (temperature, oxygen, CO2, UV radiation, H2S, pressure, salinity).
Tolerance ranges and limits, importance of adaptive mechanisms for causal understanding of geographic distribution and population dynamics of marine animals; stress physiology; adaptation to extreme conditions and habitats.
Energetic principles of metabolic regulation; energy budgets.

Marine Biology, Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecophysiology, Data Analysis