Development of scientific skills in scientific research

EMBC+ MODULE 4: Transferable Skills
  • Scientific method (2 lectures during semester 1)
    • Formulate research questions and hypothesis
    • Experimental design and statistical analysis
    • Graphical analysis
    • Interpretation
Task: Read and review papers (half a day group discussions in semester 1)
  • References and bibliography ( 1 lecture during semester 2)
    • Identify different sources
    • Citations and references
    • Use of bibliographic programs (eg Endnote)
Task :
Make bibliography on some specific themes
Summarize career development of some senior scientists
  • Scientific writing (2 lectures during semester 2)
    • Scientific report/paper format and styles
    • Research proposal formats
    • Plagiarism
Task :
Write a 4 page report on the Oceanography field trip
Write a research proposal including CV and motivation letter for your master thesis
Scientific literature, scientific research proposal, scientific report

Experience from the bachelor thesis


The student can autonomously gather from different sources relevant scientific information on a biological subject. The student can critically evaluate scientific literature and can draw the appropriate conclusions, and about formulating working hypotheses for initiating following research activities (in the master thesis). He can report his findings logically and with clear argumentation in a brief and structured report. The student can discuss objectively and critically information with colleagues. The gathered knowledge, skills and attitudes enable the student to write a research proposal on the basis of a critical study of the literature