Dr. Fabien Lombard

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Research interests:My research focuses on ecophysiology of zooplankton organisms. I aim to quantify how environmental factors influence their physiology and how this constrains the organism growth, abundance and action on carbon fluxes and on the ecosystem. In extension, I also search to understand the fate of detritus particles produced by those organisms. My research work combines experimental, modeling and data analysis works.<br /> Current work:Funded by the French ANR &ldquo;post-doc return&rdquo; EcoGely<br /> This project aims are to determine how environmental conditions constrains gelatinous zooplankton physiology, biology or proliferations and to estimate the influence of gelatinous zooplankton on matter fluxes and on the ecosystem. This project focus on two type of organisms : predators (jellyfish) and filter-feeders (salps).<br /> Past Works<br /> 02-06: Appendicularians ecophysiology (Villefranche/Mer); 06-08: Planktic foraminifers ecophysiology ; 08-10 appendicularian houses degradation (IEF-Marie curie fe)&nbsp;

List of Courses

EMBC+ MODULE 2: Toolbox for investigating marine Biodiversity
Modelling of Marine Environments 6
EMBC+ MODULE 1: Understanding the structure and function of Marine Biodiversity
Response of the pelagos to environmental changes 6