Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Guarini

Short Description
Summary Role
My field of research concerns the design and development of modelling techniques to simulate the dynamics of ecological systems. I study complexe systems described by a large number of variables and governed by processes that are strongly non-linear. My work includes also the characterization of the mathematical properties of these dynamic models as analogues for the dynamic properties of the systems I study. After having formulated and validated the first dynamic model that simulates specifically the dynamics of microphytobenthos, I focuss now on designing unified population dynamic model for marine community. I apply these approaches to the quantification of the dynamic of inter-connected marine metacommunities. This thematic is important in order to understand and preserve marine biodiversity. 

List of Courses

EMBC+ MODULE 1: Understanding the structure and function of Marine Biodiversity
Coastal ecosystem ecology and functioning 6
EMBC+ MODULE 3: Conservation and Restoration of Marine Biodiversity
Ecology of Coastal Communities 6
Impact of human-induced changes on coastal ecosystems functioning 6
EMBC+ MODULE 2: Toolbox for investigating marine Biodiversity
Modelling of Marine Environments 6
EMBC+ MODULE 4: Transferable Skills
Scientific communication: Write a research proposal 6