Associate Professor Karim Erzini

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I obtained a PhD in Biological Oceanography in 1990 from the University of Rhode Island. Since then, I have been working at the University of the Algarve, where I coordinate two Masters programs and am the leader of the Fisheries, Biodiversity and Conservation and the Coastal Fisheries research groups. My research interests are in fisheries and marine conservation, with particular emphasis on the impacts of different fishing gear, gear selectivity, artisanal and recreational fisheries, marine protected areas, fish population dynamics and habitat use. I have coordinated 11 projects (9 international, 2 national), and participated in numerous other international and national projects. I have published more than 100 papers in peer review international journals and 6 book chapters and books/manuals. I have been on the editorial board of Fisheries Research (Elsevier) since 1999 and have reviewed manuscripts for more than 30 journals.

List of Courses

EMBC+ MODULE 1: Understanding the structure and function of Marine Biodiversity
Marine Population Biology 6
EMBC+ MODULE 3: Conservation and Restoration of Marine Biodiversity
Fisheries biology and ecology 6
Fisheries technology and stock assessment 6
EMBC+ MODULE 4: Transferable Skills
Scientific Communication 2